Fisher UndrHealth 3D cover-500“Dr. Fisher’s book provides not only a map showing the disastrous detours forced on the healthcare economy by the all-knowing folks in Washington, but also a way out. Dr. Fisher is the personification of the word “indefatigable” and outlines the important role Health Savings Accounts can play, a subject the reader will find he has mastered.”

Keith Smith, M.D., Diplomate-ABA
Co-Founder and Director, Surgery Center of Oklahoma
Co-Founder, Free Market Medicine Association

“In this very informative and readable work, Dr. Fisher has succinctly outlined why an ideologically driven approach to American health care policy, which has proceeded for decades while willfully ignoring economic facts, has brought us to the current crisis situation. This is a problem for all Americans.

“This work should be required reading for all students of American health care policy, physicians and patients alike.”

Richard A. Armstrong, M.D., FACS
A strong advocate of patient-directed care, has served on the boards of several healthcare organizations including Docs4Patient Care Foundation and as a contributor to the American College of Surgeons. Recognized as a national authority he has testified in Congress as an advocate for the importance of the patient-physician relationship.

“In order to fix the broken American health care system, one must truly understand how we broke it. This book is an important read for those seeking to understand the problem. In his book, Dr. Fisher does an excellent deep dive into the history of American medicine. He effectively describes the rise of organized medicine and the injection of the Federal government into health care. He clearly defines the efforts of modern organized medicine and federalized health care’s struggle to maintain control, while spiraling out of control. He completes this journey by proposing thoughtful patient-centered solutions that build upon ideas introduced in our co-authored prescient piece written many years ago in the Washington Times. It is very well done.”

Lee S. Gross, M.D., Board Certified, Family Medicine
President, Docs 4 Patient Care Foundation
Co-Founder, Epiphany Health Direct Primary Care

Understanding Healthcare a historical perspective is aptly named. Dr. Fisher’s book provides an essential survey of 150 years of U.S. healthcare policies, without which it is impossible to properly evaluate the cause of our current challenges, or to forge effective, lasting, and equitable solutions. A must read for all those who care about the future of American medicine.”

Beth Haynes, M.D., FAAFP
Executive Director, Benjamin Rush Institute

“Ken Fisher’s perspective on healthcare is a veritable treasure. Besides being a gifted writer who is able to speak to even a nonmedical audience, Dr. Fisher has a keen awareness of the historical factors that have led us to where we are in healthcare today and understands a potential way out.”

Marion Mass, M.D., Board Certified, Pediatrics
Cofounder and Executive Vice President of Practicing Physicians of America. She is a practicing pediatrician, wife and mother.