Fisher UndrHealth 3D cover-500Understanding Healthcare: a historical perspective

by Kenneth A. Fisher, MD

Publisher: Freedom in Health Care
Language: English
Description: 160 pages with diagrams, reading list, and endnotes
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Chapter 1
: The Beginnings of Modern Science and the Value of the Common Man
Chapter 2: Foundations of Modern Medicine: Advances in the 19th Century
Chapter 3: Early Years of U.S. Medicine & Founding the American Medical Association
Chapter 4: The Journey of the “Regulars” to Control Medical Practice Through Licensure
Chapter 5: Major AMA Accomplishments Early 20th Century
Chapter 6: Issues of Access & Insurance 1913-1964: the AMA Fails to Lead
Chapter 7: AMA’s Greatest Fear: Government Controlled Bureaucratic Medicine Comes to Fruition
Chapter 8: The Ill-Fated 1997 Medicare Physician Payment Adjustment, the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) and its replacement the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA)
Chapter 9: Misguided Good Intentions, the HITECH Act and the PPACA
Chapter 10: The Next Step – a voluntary solution – Freedom in Healthcare
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